Tämä on jo viikon vanha (eli iäisyys blogistanissa ;)), mutta oli pakko laittaa kun tuntui pikaisella lukemisella osuvan harvinaisen hyvin. [ via Matkalla ]

Grashopper, Pantone 18-0332: Enduring, active, intelligent YOU are smart and witty and know how to communicate. You are good at a variety of things and can be found doing more than one job at once. Life for you is an adventure. A good relationship is very important to your well-being and you function best when you have someone with whom to share your experiences. You are often interested in the spiritual and soulful side of life. Your personal color can keep you grounded as you move through change. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Grasshopper helps you process information and manage responsibility.

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